Pink Swine!

Pink Swine! 1962

One of Lawrence Jordan's earliest animated films, PINK SWINE is an energetic and playful mix of various animation styles. Described as "an anti-art dada collage film," this free-form short presents cut-out images animated across old photos (a style picked up by Terry Gilliam a few years later) and found objects that dance to the beat of the rock-and-roll soundtrack. He produced this short during a summer spent with Joseph Cornell and Jordan edited the film entirely in camera, making the upbeat visual rhythm of this delightful lark even more impressive. –Sean Axmaker

Charlie Harper, 20 Years of Chaos

Charlie Harper, 20 Years of Chaos 1996

This documentary is more than anything a film about punk ideology told by punk survivors. The characters have been faithful to the 70's riot, and have developed their aggression into reflective thoughts and opinions. In making our film we have discovered the extremes within this community and how, after more than twenty years, the music is still as popular today.

Best of Musikladen T-Rex

Best of Musikladen T-Rex 2000

This live concert footage filmed in Germany includes T-Rex performing their hits "Jeepster", "Life's A Gas", "Ride A White Swan", "Jewel", and "Twentieth Century Boy" from T-Rex. Part of the MusikLaden Live Series.

Beyond the Screams

Beyond the Screams 1999

Mas alla de los Gritos (Beyond the Screams) is a 1999 documentary film featuring the Latino/Chicano punk movement from the late 1970s up until the early 1990s. Producer Martin Sorrondeguy singer of hardcore punk bands Los Crudos and Limp Wrist, also founder of record label, Lengua Armada Discos, documentary film director and a prominent figure in both the straight edge scene and the queercore scene, illustrates the repurposing and remixing of punk music in the major Latino cities on the U.S. This one of a kind documentary sheds light on the political D.I.Y. philosophy which aims to empower youth to emancipate themselves from society's oppression. The film is composed of interviews and live performances. The film focuses on the struggle of Latino/Chicano against globalization, poverty, and identity.

Oss Oss Wee Oss

Oss Oss Wee Oss 1953

Padstow, a fishing village on the coast of Cornwall, celebrates May Day with an ancient custom: two osses (hobby-horses) dance through the town streets accompanied by drums and accordions. All Padstownians participate in the event, which has now become a tourist attraction drawing over tens of thousands of annual visitors. Folklorists Alan Lomax and Peter Kennedy and filmmaker George Pickow collected footage at the festival in 1951, producing a pioneering work in the use of sound, low-light photography, and conversational presentation of narrative. A favorite of Margaret Mead, who used it in her classes, the film circulated widely and continues to have influence today, especially in the neo-Pagan community.


Syncopation 1929

Benny and Flo are a husband and wife dance team, Sloane and Darrel, traveling around the country as part of a revue. The revue gets picked up and taken to New York City, to be on Broadway. However, it quickly folds, and the two are forced to look for other employment. They eventually find work in a nightclub, becoming famous.But while performing at the nightclub, Flo becomes entranced by a young, sophisticated millionaire playboy, Winston.

Pearl Jam: The Movie

Pearl Jam: The Movie 1995

This is never released secret Pearl Jam movie telling story of 1995 Far-East tour. Film seems to be completely unedited and uncut, and you can see some really wild scenes such as Mike McCready's strip-tease on stage before the crowd.

Abesalom and Eteri

Abesalom and Eteri 1967

Prince Abesalom runs into an orphaned Eteri while hunting, falls for her and brings the woman to his palace as his fiancé. The Prince’s aid Murman loses his self-control at Eteri’s beauty and gives her a spelled necklace as a wedding gift. Eteri contracts a mysterious disease that only Murman is capable to heal. Abesalom can no longer stand Eteri’s suffering and changes his mind to marry her. Murman sets the woman free from the spell and gets married with her. Abesalom cannot recover from the anguish and gets bedridden. Before his death Abesalom asks Murman’s permission to say farewell to Eteri and dies in her arms. Desperate Eteri commits suicide.

Page Plant: MTV Live On The 10 Spot

Page Plant: MTV Live On The 10 Spot 1998

Page & Plant: MTV Live On The 10 Spot. Bucharest, Romania 3-1-1998. Setlist: Heartbreaker Tangerine Walking Into Clarksdale The Wanton Song Going To California Whole Lotta Love How Many More Times Most High Rock And Roll

The Beatles Sing for Shell

The Beatles Sing for Shell 1964

Cameras from the Australian Channel 9 recorded the sixth and final show of the Melbourne leg of The Beatles' world tour on 17 June 1964. It was screened on 1 July 1964 as an hour-long special, The Beatles Sing For Shell, named after the oil company which sponsored the broadcast. Nine of The Beatles' Melbourne performances were included in the show (the others edited out and discarded at the insistence of Beatles manager Brian Epstein): I Saw Her Standing There, You Can't Do That, All My Loving, She Loves You, Till There Was You, Roll Over Beethoven, Can't Buy Me Love, Twist And Shout and Long Tall Sally. The complete unedited concert (from an alternate audio feed) was also aired on Australian radio.

Henry Busse and His Orchestra

Henry Busse and His Orchestra 1940

This one-reel musical short, part of the WB/Vitaphone Melody Master series, features the music of trumpet-player and orchestra leader Henry Busse and his Orchestra, playing their own arrangements of various popular songs of the time...or in the Warners' song library. Those include "Wang Wang Blues," "Hot Lips" and "Along the Santa Fe Trail."

George Benson: Absolutely Live

George Benson: Absolutely Live 2000

One of music's most magnetic performers, George Benson shines in this live performance. Recorder at Waterfront Hall in Belfast, Ireland this performance highlights the versatility of George Benson. With guest appearances by jazz legend Joe Sample, the BBC Big Band, and musicians from the Ulster Orchestra, George delights his fans with his straight ahead jazz hits, contemporary R&B classics, and fresh interpretations of elegant and timeless standards.

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1929-1943

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1929-1943 2000

Joined by the likes of saxophonist Ben Webster and trumpeter Cootie Williams, jazz giant Duke Ellington demonstrates in this collection of performance clips (spanning the years 1929-43) precisely why he's one of the seminal figures in American music. Ellington's musical evolution can be seen in excerpts from feature-length and short films that include Black and Tan, Check and Double Check, Symphony in Black and The Hit Parade of 1937.

Girl from Tobacco Row

Girl from Tobacco Row 1966

Born into an impoverished family in a Southern community of tobacco growers, Nadine Bolton (Rachel Romen) tries to escape from the only life she knows. But her abundance of persistent and shiftless boyfriends makes that endeavor difficult. When an escaped convict arrives on the scene, however, everything changes. Singing cowboy Tex Ritter plays Nadine's father, Preacher Bolton. Ron and June Ormond produced this drive-in staple.