Comets 1930

A Musical Revue featuring a number of prominent vaudeville and theatrical British artists of the day in songs, dances, dramatic and musical sketches.

The Video Dream Mixes 1997

In spring 1997, after several delays, The Video Dream Mixes was released. It features music material from The Dream Mixes, combined with films of US landscapes and alienated sights of Venice, pictures and computer animated graphics and virtual views from outer space. The film material was mixed up with clips showing the band on stage or during journeys. Most of the material was filmed by Edgar Froese.

Militant Style

The Rootsman Meets Inspirational Sound has a good time on the streets of Bradford.

Jazz a la Cuba 1933

One of the short little films featuring Don Aspiazu of his own orchestra, a good example of the style of Cubano jazz in the 1920's and 1930's, combined with some sporadic, picturesque images of contemporary Cuba.

The City's Revolt 1955

Fatima's mother dies after giving birth to her. Her father observes that the women in her family die when they put their first children. And to avoid this fate her father keeps her away from any man. But Fatima falls in love with Ahmed.

Love Street 1959

A poor graduated singer struggling to get his chance, disguises into an old music teacher to work in a girl's school. A bet is launched between two of the leading students to trap this teacher into their affection.

Sarge Goes to College 1947

A Marine Sergeant wounded in overseas combat service, requires an operation, and Navy psychiatrist Captain R. S. Handler, recommends to Marine Captain Russ Morgan and Colonel Winters that "Sarge" be given a few weeks rest before hospitalization. Through Dean McKinley of San Juan Junior College, Sarge enters the school on a temporary basis. The teenagers are rehearsing a school show and Freddie is worried because they have no band. Freddie, Dodie Rogers and Betty Rogers find Sarge asleep in the park, and the girls put him up at their house when they learn he can't find a room. Betty has a row with boyfriend Roy , and in order to make him jealous gets Freddie to invite her to the school dance after telling Freddie that his girlfriend Dodie is going with Sarge. Many misunderstandings follow but all is well when Sarge gets his marine captain to bring his band over to the school for the school's BIG SHOW.