Summer With Kuro

Summer With Kuro 1990

Hiroshima, summer of 1945. A young girl named Nobuko saves a starving kitten from crows. She wants to keep the kitten, but her parents dismiss the idea. Nobuko eventually convinces them to let her keep it. She and her brother Makoto name the cat Kuro. Kuro quickly brings joy and laughter to the family. As World War II takes its toll on Japan, it becomes harder for Nobuko and her family to care for Kuro. One August morning, Kuro begins acting strangely...

The Warrior Maiden

The Warrior Maiden 1974

One in a series of European folk tales, in the style of a medieval tapestry—with a feminist twist.

20 Days of Love

20 Days of Love 1991

Unfinished at the time of the artist’s death, this AIDS-era love story is frank and poignant in the simplicity of its notepad animation.

The Scolding

The Scolding 1971

A political cartoon in which reformer Melquíades Álvarez faces off with monarchist Juan de la Cierva.



The [film's] sequences are cross-sectional photographic scans of pieces of hardwood, burls and branches.

Rusting World

Rusting World 1980

An allegorical film about the human condition with images that are similar to the art of Kandinsky or Klee and, closely combining surrealism and abstraction, prefigure a world that is becoming decline.



OPERATOR is a stop-motion animated short film about a man named Bob, who is attacked by a bio-mechanical parasite, and has to fight for his life and family against forces much greater than himself.

The Rubber Stamp Film

The Rubber Stamp Film 1983

The Rubber Stamp Film was hand stamped on over 5000 index cards. Color was added with water color and felt pen.

Hasses dagbok

Hasses dagbok 1991

Hasse is 8 years old. His parents are drinking and arguing. Every day Hasse picks up his diary from the hideout behind the radiator to write down his thoughts.