Ko-Ko 1988

Using a 1945 Charlie Parker song, American indie animator, George Griffin greets us with a dizzying dance of torn Pop Art images. Shreds of consumer culture flash before us, swayed and absorbed by the tempo and power of Parker's horn.

Man, Monsters & Mysteries

Man, Monsters & Mysteries 1974

Man, Monsters and Mysteries is a 1974 Disney educational animated featurette. It explains about man's intriguing questions about monsters, mysteries and even the enigmatic Loch Ness monster.

The Wrong Type

The Wrong Type 1990

A temp with a typing speed of no words a minute finds herself way out of her depth when sent to work at a large corporation, by a rather desperate Temping Agency, 'SuperTemps'...

Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls 1994

It is nearly Christmas when two recently orphaned children have to choose with which of their relatives they will live - eccentric, stingy Aunt Edwina , who only wants them for their trust fund, or kindly Uncle Robert who wants to genuinely welcome them into his family. It's an amusing and heart-warming story as Edwina pretends to adore the children in order to trick them into coming to live with her. But on Christmas morning, both Edwina and Robert have surprises in store for them when the children make their decision.

A Child's Dream

A Child's Dream 1990

Animating scenes of nature designed by children and underlighting through six layers yields a dreamlike image of a forgotten past.



Film tells the story of a grumpy, reclusive toad Geno and his neighbors, who are forced to seek a new habitat because a construction site invades the pond where they live.


Pituitary 1979

“It came from 1979! A paranoid tale of the myths and misconceptions surrounding body changes in adolescence. Found footage with hand drawn flourishes. In full 16mm punk-era unrestored decrepitude! Made in one week. Sound by Ground Zero, Boston.” —Lisa Crafts

Pussy Pumps Up

Pussy Pumps Up 1979

“In a wry exploration of women’s sexuality, the character Pussy demonstrates the play between the masculine and the feminine, the strong and the passive, the observer and the observed, as she metamorphoses between female, feline and male figures. As the film demonstrates, animation is a form ideally suited to render the process of metamorphosis.” —Dr. Marian Quigley