Extraterrestrial 2005

The program focuses on the hypothetical and scientifically feasible evolution of alien life on extrasolar planets, providing model examples of two different fictional worlds.

Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Water 2004

Earthlings boldly goes where no documentary has gone before and investigates one of the most intriguing groups of individuals on this, or any other planet: the Klingons and Star Trek fans. Featuring Worf (aka Michael Dorn), this film was released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Star Trek

Night of the Chupacabra 2005

When an alien being crash lands on the remote location of the latest "reality" show, sinister agents from the reconstituted Project Blue Book arrive to restore order by any means necessary.

Replica 2005

Suffering from kidney failure, Joe, a computer chip salesman goes through an organ transplant administered by Dr. Evelyn Tyler who is a biogeneticist for Therapeutic Technology located at 1 DNA Drive. Joe is not only grateful for his new kidney, but he becomes interested and obsessed in Dr. Tyler who shows him the world of miraculous, amazing and wonderful biotechnology. But this seemingly technological panacea is also filled with uncertainty, danger and dilemma that changes their lives forever.

Alien Abduction 2004

Three women are abducted by aliens, taken back to their spaceship and experimented on in order to determine if their DNA is compatible so they can help repopulate the aliens' dying planet.

Crops 2006

In the near future, as terrorism grips our planet, a new threat emerges from the depths of space. A new global force, A.C.E. (Alien Combat Element), fights valiantly but in vain until the discovery of Anna - Earth's last hope.

Encuentros 2003

The story of Steven Rodríguez, an incredulous reporter who covers a series of extraterrestrial stories after the rumor of the existence of UFOs becomes known.

Every-Man 2004

Community-oriented film project following someone who thinks his name is Michael as he struggles with the pains and pleasures of waking up as different people everyday. Within an unexplained universe he searches for connection, purpose, and cigarettes, propelled all the while through the idiosynchratic narratives of different people's lives

Contamination 2004

A glimpse of a dystopian future in which the cross-contamination of genetic material is completely out of control. Contamination depicts an atmospheric and ultimately disturbing world with hybrid life forms.

The Omegans 1968

When an artist discovers his wife is having an affair with their jungle guide, he lures them into posing for him in a radioactive jungle river.

Sacrifice 1918

Mad scientist, doctor Ten Brinken artificially inseminates a prostitute with a dead man's semen. The resulting child grows up to be a beautiful, evil woman who turns against her creator.